Boston Scientific Europe Spinal Chord Stimulation MRI animation

This education and awareness animation was designed to work across the health practitioner, patient and carer audiences. The 2 minute animation needed to help communicate and in particular ‘demystify’ some of the information available about the compatibility of medical implants and MRI scanning. Our role in designing the animation for our client Boston Scientific took the idea from creative concept, to storyboarding to production.

Animation is a popular and effective way of presenting messages in an accessible and un-intimidating way to wide audiences. The power of short clips is that they can easily be watched by individuals to gain a first step understanding of complex topics, and can also easily be shared with patients by healthcare professionals and carers via familiar channels such as YouTube.

Spinal Cord Stimulation and MRI
Boston Scientific Europe
Published on Jan 23, 2015
MRI-compatible SCS systems, defining the need for MRI in SCS patients and alternative imaging options to consider