Motion graphics are a great way to create engaging campaigns. So when Hightown Housing Association, a client we have been working with for almost 15 years asked us to create an animation, we couldn’t wait to get started. The new animation is to support the launch of their new online platform, ‘MyHightown’. Below is what we produced, followed by a breakdown of all the different stages… script, style frames, storyboarding and production.


Style exploration


After the client had briefed in the project we set about finding the right style and feel for the animation. We began by writing a script that was informative, without being too overloading. Once the ‘ball was rolling’ on the script, we drew up a style guide to help demonstrate how the animation might look. With this particular project, our design team had to ensure that the style was friendly and approachable, whilst still inline with the Hightown brand guidelines.





Following script approval, our design and animation team always like to start storyboards off with pencil and paper. It’s a quick way to explore different routes without overworking anything. After a large number of notes, drawings (and broken pencils), we worked up our storyboards which really starts to bring everything together.












Once our clients have ‘signed off’ at storyboard stage we can then really get stuck into the production side, and take our visuals to the next stage by animating the designs.



Here are a few of the Gosling members behind the project.

Steve – Account Manager

Josh – Designer & Animator

Simon – Creative Lead


If you’d like to work with Gosling on a similar project, please do get in touch.

Season’s Greetings!

Season’s Greetings to all our Clients and partners from the Gosling team.

Here at Gosling, we love the Holiday season because we get to express our thanks to you, our lovely clients!

Providing you with our superior customer service is something we dedicate ourselves to throughout the year and we work day in day out to maintain it. Christmas and the Holiday season seems to be a great opportunity for us send out our thanks in our own personal, creative and seasonal way!

Thank you for choosing Gosling and we look forward to another prosperous, creative and successful year!

If you are looking to work together on any projects in 2018, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Account Manager / Senior Account Executive

We’re on the lookout for an Account Manager / Senior Account Executive


Do you have a passion for creative communications?

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