2924 GOS INFO - Header for BLOGPOST-01-01-01 For Valentines Day from this year we’ve decided to look into the inner workings of February 14th.

2924 GOS INFO - Decoration for BLOGPOST-01-01The day itself is believed to have begun its life as a form of liturgical celebration of an early Christian saint. In the Middle Ages courtly love is said to be the reason why the day is now so associated with romance, as love was declared through the sending of flowers, hand-written notes or confectionery gifts. It has since evolved to become an annual generator of mass-produced greetings cards, chocolates and flowers.


February 14 has manifested into a huge, global declaration of love and the sheer scale and influence of the day is pretty incredible! We decided to look into the numbers a little further… We love a good infographic here at Gosling and thought that these cold hard facts would be the perfect opportunity to showcase our appreciation of the infographic as a design format.


As with all of our creative projects, we put the kettle on and set about discussing ideas as a team, developing concepts for how we could best portray these facts. We then develop and refine our ideas, each contributing our thoughts on how best to visualise the information. Visualising data in the form of an infographic is something you can expect to see more of at Gosling, so watch this space.


Here’s what we came up with. We steered clear of the schmaltz and to have kept things focused on facts and good design. We are super happy with the end result and would like to thank our newest member of the design team, Josh, for his hard work on this!