Tim Blann (‘Beach Party’ screen print)

Tim Blann : Beach Party Screen Print

Tim Blann originally hails from Brighton and recently graduated from Norwich University of Arts.

We love Tim’s cool use of colour in this screen print. The sea blues and sandy yellows got us thinking about all the lovely holidays our client TUI have on offer at the moment! Thanks Tim for offering up a piece of sunny visual escapism on these cold frosty mornings.

Tim created this illustration whilst in his second year so we are super excited to see what he comes up with in the years to come.

Clairice Gifford – NiftySwank 

Clairice Gifford: Joy Art Print

Clairice Gifford is a Graphic Designer based in Salt Lake City, USA. Her ability to create intricate, hand lettering got our attention straight away. We love the retro vibes woven into her work and can see she appreciates mid 20th century typography.

You should also check out her pattern designs. We can see her work looking particularly fetching on work for our clients who prefer a hand-crafted look and predict that 2015 will hold big things for this talented designer.

Louise Lockhart – The Printed Peanut (Shop Fronts)

Louise Lockhart: Shop Fronts

Louise Lockhart has gained popularity through her unique stationery company The Printed Peanut where products such as beautifully packaged eco soaps and hand-printed clocks can be found alongside bright and colourful art prints. She is based in Yorkshire and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2009. Although she isn’t a recent graduate (like some of the other illustrators listed here), we believe we are going to be seeing a lot more of her work peppered throughout our daily lives as she expands her variety of products and grows from strength to strength.

Katie Scott (Piece for Nautilus on the eye)

Katie Scott: Piece for Nautilus on the Eye

You may recognise Katie Scott’s work from the recent award-winning book Animalium. Katie worked with Big Picture Press to create over 160 truly stunning illustrations of the animal kingdom.

We can see Katie’s meticulous and detailed illustrations being used to bring life to many meaty, factual texts! Any young reader would be lucky to have her illustrations brightening up their studies. Her style can be appreciated by all ages. We expect many natural history publishers, as well as medical companies and organisations will be wanting to work with her, and we for one can’t wait to see what 2015 holds. Perhaps even a commission from one of our own medical or healthcare clients.

Joe Todd-Stanton  All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Joe Todd-Stanton: All Children Are Artists

Joe Todd-Stanton studied at the University of the West of England and is now based in Bristol. You may recognise him through his work with Nobrow. Since graduating in 2012 he has worked on a variety of editorial commissions and it’s his strong conceptual portfolio that has us hooked.

We love the way Joe blends photoshop with his use of a trusty and traditional pencil. We expect to see his work in a growing number of scientific magazines. We can see his gorgeous line-work lending itself to a great many different commissions. He has a great factual-magical talent!


Livi Gosling knows a thing or two about illustration which is why we turned to her for this brilliant insight and inspiration. She is, as you might expect, also a Gosling and this year enhanced our studio meeting room with a wonderful mural commission illustrating the journey of an idea between client and agency.